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Sex on the Page

30 Apr

“Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.”
Andy Warhol

I guess Andy Warhol is an avid reader of erotica. Andy, if the sex if more interesting on the screen and between the pages, you’re doing something wrong. Granted, the sex between the pages of my books is sizzling hot, but still. Given the choice between the warm touch of skin, to the dry touch of a book, I will always choose the warmth. Although, as Andy knows a book is always hard, a man… well, if only we were so lucky…

The fantasies that adorn the page, are they never to be lived out through your body? Perhaps not, but the simplicity of sex in reality is part of the beauty to me. There is nothing complex about it, just intimacy and pleasure.  In memory some of the simplest sex acts have become more beautiful, more special with time. As the moment grows larger and larger, until it is inside me. Penetrating me. Injecting me with its essence and becoming more than just the simple act of sex.

As for fantasies, they can be as beautiful as we construct them to be. They can be as kinky as getting oral sex while sky diving. But to be honest, I like to have oral sex somewhere where I can focus on the feelings, because even though they are simple, they are beautiful.

Let the fantasies on the page and the screen stand by themselves, because that is where they belong, but let us not rank them above reality.

Also Andy, if you’re into reading maybe check out my books. 😉

Perez Hilton on Princess Leia

27 Apr

OMG! Did you see what Princess Leia was wearing?

Maybe that is fine if you are in the woods with the rebel forces and ewoks, but here in the civilized world we have higher standards, Leia.

Come on, you are a Princess now! A princess!

5 Ways guys are shooting themselves in the foot

23 Apr

The few often ruin it for the many. Here are a five cases in which some men ruin it for the rest of their gender.


5. Trying to be the alpha male. Literature and film loves the alpha male, real life, not so much. The confidence, the aggression is rarely attractive for longer than it takes him to get you off. The problem is to be an alpha male, they have to be pretty focused on their social status. Meaning two things: 1. they spend more attention to themselves than to their women and 2. that with them you become nothing more than an accessory to their status. Seriously, I am not an accessory, I’m the fucking designer dress.


4. Judging each other. You know who is usually holding you back from really kinky sex? Not women, but it is actually other men. Men are missing out on some of the craziest sex acts out of fear of being judged by their peers. If a man is open to anal himself, he might have more chance convincing his woman to. To be completely fair, he’ll probably enjoy it more than she will! Don’t be afraid of being judged, women adore ambiguity.


3. Promoting skinny image. Women are just as guilty here, perhaps even more so, but the a change can start with the men. If we’re not well-fed and insecure about or bodies, the sex will be half-hearted and in the dark. If confidence is built we’ll be like tigers, showing everything we’ve got. And we’ll have the energy to pull it off.


2. Whistles and cat calls. There are two kinds of people that like compliments: men and women. We love it when we get attention. We love compliments. It is nice to know that our efforts at being as pretty as we can be are noticed and appreciated, but men need to think about how they show their appreciation. Whistling and bragging about the things you want to do to us are not one of them. It makes us feel uncomfortable and makes us less likely to dress sexy, because we’ll want to avoid these situations. The few ruin it for the many, because if we felt comfortable dressing sexy, imagine all the eye candy men would get. Treat us like ladies and we won’t hesitate to show some skin.


1. Calling us sluts. Women love sex. Probably as much as men do, if not more. Men reading this might be surprised, but it isn’t exactly rocket science. The second we admit to our love of sex, our beautiful bodies and sensual feelings get marred with the label of “slut” or “easy”. It is a label that isn’t hard to remove and makes our lives difficult in many different fields and in some cases can even be perilous for our careers. As a consequence we have to constantly restrain ourselves or suffer a blow to our social status. Women often label each other as sluts and they shouldn’t do it either, but that is all more reason for the men to avoid contributing. Label me as a princess and I might just treat you like a prince, and fuck your brains out, which you may be more interested in.


If you have any others you want to add to the list let me know.

She Makes Me Feel Special

15 Apr

One hundred dollars an hour. That is what it takes for her to listen to me. 

I march in. She tell no one I was there.

I sit on her couch. The springs poke into my back and I half-wonder why she hasn’t bought a new one. But the couch is not important. I don’t come here for the couch. I come here, like so many others. I come here for her.

In her presence it is difficult not to mislead myself, I know I’m not the only one. Her feelings for me are strictly professional.

I don’t care.

It never feels that way. For one hour I feel like I am all that matters to her. Sometimes we sit around and there is only small talk between us. All about the weather and celebrity gossip.

Other days I let her penetrate me. 

Sometime she goes so deep it awakens sensations I have never felt before. That I wasn’t even aware existed. It scares me.

When I cry, she keeps pushing. I like it.

At the end. I feel more at peace. As if all the parts of me, fragmented by the constant pounding of everyday life, have melted and reformed in a smooth circle.

One hundred dollars an hour feels like a bargain. 

My Best Friend’s Valentine

13 Apr

This new book is sizzling! For those to shy to open it on Amazon to check out the preview, I’ll post it here, especially for you: Continue reading

Chastity: The most unnatural of the sexual perversions

12 Apr

” Chastity: The most unnatural of the sexual perversions. ”

Aldous Huxley

Priests, we mostly imagine them as old frail men, imparting wisdom or abusing children, but that’s where we are wrong. Well, about the old and frail part anyway.

A healthy lifestyle of moderation will do wonders for a young man and young men are religious sometimes too. I must say, there isn’t much that draws my attention so much as a youthful, virile priest. Granted, the forbidden aspect of their chastity is certainly alluring. Who doesn’t like a little taboo? I certainly do. I could take taboo all night, but I digress.

At a recent wedding, (not my own, I’m still single. 😉  ) I came across two priests of my own age. They were handsome and athletic. I imagine they did plenty of sports to work off that extra steam. That was it. That pent up energy within them, that is what was alluring. The self control they exercised as the skimpily clad young women (myself included) got more drunk as the night wore on. As your thin gossamer dresses became soaked from our dancing. They danced with us and they could dance. Hours of boredom, not spent chasing after women or indulging in other vices, focused on improving their dancing. I pressed my hips against on of them and he must have felt my heartbeat racing after hours of dancing. In his eyes I saw it. He was aware that my heart raced just a little faster at the thrill of his touch.

So there you have it. Chastity is his perversion, deriving pleasure by depriving me. How cruel. How very cruel.

I have my own secret to confess. This whole blog post was also an excuse to use a quote of one of my favorite authors, Aldous Huxley. 😀

Losing my virginity

9 Apr

Losing my virginity was both exhilarating and disappointing.

Exhilarating because my body was overrun by incredible new sensations of pleasure and warmth. Disappointing, because, let’s be honest, compared to the sex I have now, it was pretty vanilla.

My first blog post will probably be the same. Exciting because it is the first, but rather bland in content.

As you know, I prefer my content to sear the page, but one cannot always be a fire-starter.

Allow me to divulge what to expect from my little corner. I will be updating at least once a week with all kinds of thoughts and content, mostly related to loving. There will be excerpts, shorts that never made it into full stories. Probably because I could not subject my readers to pay for it, so don’t get too excited. 😉 Interviews, everyone loves to read about someone else’s life. So if you are an erotica author, or even just someone who likes talking dirty. Drop me a line, we’ll arrange an interview. If I read something interesting enough, I might write a book review.

I’m not completely going to break the cardinal rule of Daphne du Maurier: “Writers should be read, but neither seen nor heard.”

I’ll still be read. I’ll just be read all over, not only in my stories. In turn, I hope to make you, dear reader, red all over too provoking blush after blush as you read.

So sit back, enjoy, and follow me. I’ve got a nice ass, you won’t be disappointed.

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