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Fetish-clopedia: An Introduction

13 May

We all have our fetishes. Strange connections to our erotic brains, a more complex excitement. What fall under the category is broad and fascinating, as the mundane, the repulsive, the painful slip into the sexual, the sensual.

As a young woman, I wasn’t even aware of any fetishes that I had, at least not on a conscious level. Lurking in my limbic system, my fetish fed my arousal.


why did this turn me on? stay tuned to find out...

why did this turn me on? stay tuned to find out…


As simple as preferring the perfume adverts with women in high heels, my heart rate would increase. They needn’t even be sexual images, there needn’t be handsome men. There was just something there that turned me on, at first inexplicably and each time I tried to pinpoint it, it would grow worse and worse.

I don’t know the background to why these tiny details wrecked havoc with my desires. It could be the contrast of the sharp, needle pointed heels, with the vulnerability, the fragility of balancing on them.

As I grew older and the Internet expanded. I learned rarely was anyone alone in these particular tastes. In an effort to explore them further, I’m starting up the Fetish-clopedia. Every so often, I plan on taking a fetish explaining what it is and exploring its sensual aspects.

Of course, I haven’t experienced them all myself, but as always invite you to contribute. I’m always happy to hear another sex story.

Are eBooks Sexy?

28 May

When I see a man with a dog-eared copy of Animal Farm or 1984, I confess to getting a little wet and warm. The blood rushes through my body and causes pulsations in my core. I usually spot the book before the man, so my arousal sometimes leaves my body feeling very confused. Confusion is fun, though. I’m confused about my sexuality, but that makes the world twice as sexual for me.

gotta be careful with all that hotness in the library.

eBooks are great. You can carry a library in your pocket and leave plenty of space in your pants for vibrators and other toys. They feel slick and clean. In the end, reading an eBook is like masturbating. It gets you where you need to go, without much hassle. A paper book on the other hand, is something that you can touch and caress and bend into better positions. You can get dirty with a paper book in a way that you can’t with an eReader. If you turn a page with your fingers slick with arousal, the paper is forever marked with your loving caress.

On the other hand, if you get you’re eReader wet with your juices, you can just wipe it off.

Maybe an eReader is better after all…

And you my dear sexy readers, what say you?

She Makes Me Feel Special

15 Apr

One hundred dollars an hour. That is what it takes for her to listen to me. 

I march in. She tell no one I was there.

I sit on her couch. The springs poke into my back and I half-wonder why she hasn’t bought a new one. But the couch is not important. I don’t come here for the couch. I come here, like so many others. I come here for her.

In her presence it is difficult not to mislead myself, I know I’m not the only one. Her feelings for me are strictly professional.

I don’t care.

It never feels that way. For one hour I feel like I am all that matters to her. Sometimes we sit around and there is only small talk between us. All about the weather and celebrity gossip.

Other days I let her penetrate me. 

Sometime she goes so deep it awakens sensations I have never felt before. That I wasn’t even aware existed. It scares me.

When I cry, she keeps pushing. I like it.

At the end. I feel more at peace. As if all the parts of me, fragmented by the constant pounding of everyday life, have melted and reformed in a smooth circle.

One hundred dollars an hour feels like a bargain. 

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