Tina Kane: Private Eye – Tina Kane is short on cash and when a woman offers her money to spy on her cheating husband she gladly accepts.

private eye copy

Shipmates – Humanity has been conquered, left to die in reservations. The only hope they have is to turn the alien technology on its owners which could be more pleasurable than Azrael imagines.

shipmates copy

Medusa’s Lover – Will Perseus be able to destroy the monster, or will he be consumed by her desires?

My Best Friend’s Valentine – A hot and steamy erotic novel with a slightly paranormal twist, this book is certain to get you hot under the collar!

Santa’s Sexy Seduction – When Lauren goes to do her Christmas shopping, little does she know just what the bag boy has in store for her…

Hot Wheels: Midnight Seductions – Rosie indulges in the sensual satisfactions of her meetings, connecting briefly and intensely with those that cross her path.

Hot Wheels: Handcuffed – Trapping a police officer and taking advantage of his prone situation, Rosie is delighted when he finds her to pay her back.

Hot Wheels: Teenage Dreams – Rosie gets a taste of the college experience when she helps a few students with their overheated car. The heat affects more than just their car, as they lose themselves in passion on the highway.

Eternal Vengeance – Andel is sophisticated, seductive and hides a dark past. Dominika teases out his secrets, but can she handle his bite?


3 Sexy Rosie the Trucker stories, for those who can’t get enough! (Midnight Seductions, Handcuffed, and Teenage Dreams) Includes Audio books.

3 Rosie the Trucker stories, plus Eternal Vengeance, but no Audio books included.

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