Juliana Sliema aims to set fire to your Kindle, but takes no responsibility for any damages.

She refuses to comment on the complaints that Kindles and computers have melted when her stories were opened.

Juliana is the author of the Hot Wheels series. They follow the adventures of Rosie the Trucker and her roadside encounters.

She has also written the paranormal erotica Eternal Vengeance, inspired by her time in the city of a thousand spires, Prague.

There should be a new blog post every Monday, so don’t wander too far off…

She only bites during sex, so you’re safe if you want to send her an email: julianasliema [at]

2 Responses to “Author”

  1. Janna Noelle May 6, 2012 at 5:12 am #

    Hi Juliana, thanks for following my blog. I’ve never met a writer of erotica before. I guess I haven’t technically met you either, but we are now connected via the magic of the internet, and that’s certainly a start. When I see that you have a character called Rosie the Trucker, I am reminded of that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer informs a female truck driver that, “There’s nothing sexier than a woman behind the wheel of a semi.” Happy writing. 🙂

    • julianasliema May 6, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

      we erotica writers are a mysterious sort. its interesting to watch another writer’s process and you must admit that a woman behind the wheel of a semi certainly has some appeal. 😛

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