Sex and innovation

28 Nov

First of all, I apologize for my lateness, but on the bright side, I’m not pregnant.

I’ve been thinking about innovation. You’d think that someone like me always has sex on their mind and you would be right, I’m just good at multitasking, and I’m very good at typing with one hand. Back to innovation though, man has made humongous leaps in technology, I mean things that literally would blow people’s minds have been achieved in the past three decades or so. Telephones, Internet, mobiles these are technologies that have revolutionized the world. Everything has changed because of these technologies, human culture as a whole has been influence by them.

But Juliana, why are you giving me this boring spiel about how great technology is you ask. And here’s why. Think about what we used them for. Telephones, remember 1-800-HOT-SEX? A huge portion of the network was taken up with people calling sex lines. The other portion was composed of kids making prank calls to sex lines. Internet, well 90% of the Internet is porn, the rest is soft core erotica geared and the rest is facebook, which is also in itself like 90% porn. One of the greatest technologies invented, totally done by nerds who wanted to share their porn. Mobiles, it’s like porn in your pocket. Ridiculous.

The link has been laid Juliana, we get it, we’re a bunch of perverts. We knew that already. What are you really trying to tell us?

What I’m really trying to say is: there are hot, horny men and women on Mars, they are just waiting for you to get there!


what do you mean you forgot the condoms? what the fuck did we travel 35 million miles for? Sand samples?

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