6 Sexy Athletes – Olympic Edition

6 Aug

That’s right! Another goddamn list of sexy Olympic athletes! You think I did this one for you? I just wanted an excuse to look at scantly clad sporting machines. Now that I have adamantly postulated my thinly veiled excuse let’s get down to business. Also, I skipped Yelena Isinbaeva cause I would not stop staring at her pictures, I needed to make some progress with this post.

6. Rhys Howden

i’d like to get into his banana hammock… and cuddle.

This Australian water polo player can splash me anytime. He’s a defender that plays for the Brisbane Barracudas. Australia is far away from me, but I’m willing to travel the distance to get bit by one of these barracudas. But not in the water, I prefer to get wet in bed.

5. Sophie Polkamp

please never make the hockey stick longer.

I have a soft spot for women’s field hockey, all of them are amazing, and this is how they stand around on the field! She’s a defender, so it won’t be easy to score on her. Plus with my propensity for spanking, I’m happy to note that she has the necessary equipment and knows how to use it. Spank me Sophie.

4. Paride Saccoia

my inner nerd imagines him to have little wings on his ankles and a speedo made of scales

This entry is taking me longer to write, since I am typing one-handed. So I’ll keep it short. Hot. Italian. Water polo. Smooth. Hard. Wet.

3. John Orozco

finally that kama sutra book is going to get some use

Back to two-handed typing. I’ll wash them later. Who knows if what you read on the Internet is true, but this athlete is apparently gay. So… a loss for us ladies is a gain for the gay men. Plus he’s a gymnast and flexibility in men is completely underrated. Imagine all the ways he can wrap you up in those big strong arms. And if you were ever planning on joining the mile high club, flexibility is a huge advantage. I’m speaking from experience. That, and dysfunctional sense of smell.

2. Leyrin Franco

she’s aiming for my heart

Look at the intensity of her gaze. Deep hidden passions are exposed under her penetrating dark eyes. It may be some primitive hunter-gatherer in me, but there is something about a woman who can throw a javelin that just gets me wet. Not only that, this woman can run after her prey too, stalking it through the woods. Actually, I’m not sure how good a hunter she is. She’s also looks amazing, and that’s always important while hunting.

1. Hope Solo

a lovely suburban neighborhood.

There can be Solo uno. There can be only one, and it who else would it be but Hope Solo. With a name like a Star Wars character and eyes that are out of this world. Solo is my numero uno. I could get lost in the endless spinning galaxies and stars in her eyes. On top of that, she hard body that seems to be soft in all the right places. Cannot confirm since I have never touched her, but a girl can fantasize now can’t she. Also she waters her garden naked, just like me. Hot.

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