Physics – More like sex than you think

16 Jul

” Love is a matter of chemistry, but sex is a matter of physics. “


I was always better at physics.

Movement, rhythm, collisions. That is my field of expertise.

The sensory, the tangible, the hands-on. This is where I am able to contribute. This is where I can provoke growth.

Push and pull. I understand. I can master this. The way your fingers tangle in my hair.

Your nails scrape off the surface, exposing a part of me that was a little deeper. Hidden, now red and vulnerable. New caresses, reminding me of the place where I am ever so slightly laid bare.

Ever so slightly, my mass has changed. Cells, now nestled snugly under the shelter of your fingernails. At least that part of me is safe in your hands.

This is what I know. The physics of the matter.

Chemistry, that stuff is messy.

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