The Importance of Trimming Your Hair

9 Jul

Hair isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about sex. Unless you have some sort of a weird hair fetish. Which is totally cool and you’re welcome to elaborate in the comments.

In fact, I’m quite partial to a little hair pulling myself. The gentle tug on my scalp almost forces my hair to stand on end. And then when a man takes me from behind and grips me by the hair, there is some primal instinct inside me that is unleashed. I arch my back and then pull him deep inside me as he hold me by the hair. It’s as if the cave-woman inside of me awakens. And the cave-woman is loud. She moans and screams and begs for more, for harder, for faster, but I digress. That wasn’t the hair I wanted to talk about today. Enough about the drapes, on to the carpet.

Hair comes into play in so many ways. Although there is something to say for the occasional furry bits. I think we have to face the fact that Chewbacca never got the girl.

I’m all for the musky scent of a real man or woman. I believe that smell is an often overlooked stimulus, during sex. The salty smell of sweat and semen, might sound a bit vulgar and many of you may wince, but you can’t deny this is the perfume of love. The original L’amour.  An irresistible aphrodisiac, Aphrodite herself was born immersed in the sensual scent of salt and semen. The origins of the Greek goddess of love and pleasure are no accident.

I don’t want to be drowned in the sea of froth from which Aphrodite rose. I want to ride the wave and float upon its currents. To do that, Chewbacca may need to make a few sacrifices, calm the seas for smooth sailing as it were.

Those that are covered in hair, must not despair, for there is so much more they can do to make themselves fair. The clay from which they were crafted can be molded into so many different shapes.

Hair has been a classic method of expression, from the punks to the metal-heads, to Christiano Ronaldo. There is just so much your hair can express. Do not limit it to the hair on your head. Use your furry gift to express yourself.



proud to be an American.


To breath in the perfume of love, I must be able to breathe, not be smothered in impenetrable bush.

Hair or no hair? That is the question.

How do you feel about it?

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