You’re doing it wrong: Polygamy

25 Jun

I’m like a traveling machine: when I’m not having sex or writing about having sex, I’m traveling.

I know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for travel. And you’d be right. Still I manage to squeeze in a trip on a giant winged dildo every once in a while.

A year ago, I was a part of a discussion concerning the merits of polygamy with an African chief. It all started with the subject of marriage, which is a far safer topic than politics or religion. Unless you get proposed to. Er. Not that that has happened to me.

One of my friends, a man complained that one woman was enough trouble by herself.

The Africa chief blinked in confusion and said, “You know. I hear that a lot from Western men. The problem is you’re doing it wrong.”

Each woman had their own household. Do NOT put them together in one house.

Flava Flav knows its all about time management

I agreed with the African chief. We’re doing it wrong.

So I proceeded to propose the way I would do it. I proposed that women should also be able to have multiple husbands as long as she can provide them with their own household. See? I don’t want to take away the potential for multiple partners, but if we’re going to do it that way, I want in on the action. Equality doesn’t necessarily mean I want to take it all away, but I do want the same options and opportunities.

see? isn’t this much better?

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