Dance of Seduction

18 Jun

Dancing. Can it ever be innocent?

most men just stopped reading.

Nothing showcases a woman’s body like a dance. When I dance it is one of the rare moments that I am conscious of every curve, every muscle that tenses and relaxes. I feel every eye on me as my body unfurls and invites the eyes of those that watch me deeper inside.

Is it ever innocent? Define innocence. Do I have a malevolent plan of seduction? No. Do I enjoy the longing looks? Yes.

Everybody wants to be desired.  And a woman’s body was built to be worshiped.

As much as the grinding of a man’s hard body against mine turns me on, the soft, fluid movements of dancing with a woman will entrance me.

When you’re done staring at the gorgeous woman swaying her hips, I’d love to hear what you think… 😉

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  1. paolosilv June 25, 2012 at 5:34 am #


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