Midnight Seductions – A Hot Wheels Erotica Series

2 May

Truckers, we all imagine them as the manly men, but they aren’t all like that. Some are dainty, playful, sexual, and female. Rosie loves meeting new people, she gives herself to them with passion, she just never wants to see them again. The thrill of the last time she makes love with them is an addiction. For those too shy to download the sample, here is the preview:

Hot Wheels – Midnight Seductions

By: Juliana Sliema

The open road spread out before me. The elation I felt now, was as much as I had the very first time. It was a vague tingling throughout my whole body, as if each meter that I traveled stroked me as I left it behind.

I guess I’m not your conventional trucker. By which I mean that I have tits. Actually, a lot of truckers have tits. It is probably easiest to just say there aren’t a lot of women that drive trucks. Being one of the few that does has its disadvantages, but I never regret it.

Some people can’t handle being alone on the road. I can entertain myself just fine. Besides, each day I travel I meet new people. You have the weirdos, the creeps, the people that most definitely come from other planets, but there is almost always someone to fill that hole of loneliness. Those brief encounters give you a glimpse of all the good things about them without having to stick around to see the bad.


The cab was my own little private haven. It was too high above the rest of the cars for anyone to see what I was actually doing with my hands. Maybe I’m a little over sensitive, but the vibrations of the 600 horse power engine have always aroused me. Trust me, it was more embarrassing before I owned my truck.

During my driving exam the excitement and the vibrations were too much and I had orgasmed with the instructor right next to me. He had no idea, though. He thought I was biting my lip in concentration and gripping the steering wheel so tightly because the test was so stressful to me. After the test my face must have been quite flushed with my usual post-orgasmic blush, because the instructor asked me why I was so stressed when I had passed with a near perfect score.

Now, I fully embrace the sensation. Over the years I’ve grown somewhat desensitized to it though, so I don’t climax from the vibration of the engine alone anymore. Alone on the road, I never shied away from a bit of extra stimulation. I undid the buttons of my low rise jeans and slid my hand in. I never went straight in. I stroked the edges of my lips through my silky panties. The smooth feeling felt almost as good on my fingers as it did between my legs. I was already wet from the bass rumbling of the engine and I could feel it seep through the silky material. As much as I intended to I could never tease myself for very long. I pulled my panties aside and reached inside myself. My fingers acted like an extension of the vibrations of the road sending tiny little ripples of pleasure into me which spread throughout my body. I gripped the steering wheel tight as I released a hold on the rest of myself and vibrated in synchronization with the engine and the road. The vibrations reached a crescendo and I felt an explosion of warmth and pleasure detonate in my core and spread out through my clenched fingers and toes.

I sighed and smiled as the miles passed me by, still gently caressing me as I craved for more.

Night came softly and it had embraced the land lovingly while my hunger set in. I was slightly ahead of schedule and felt I could indulge in an elaborate dinner. Perhaps a shower as well. Elaborate compared to eating a sandwich while driving. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of fine dining along the highway.

I parked Esmeralda in front of the next diner I came across. I changed in the cab, putting on some nice clothes and dumping the others on the passenger seat. I also took some time to do my make up. I might be a little rough around the edges, but I was still a lady going out to dinner. My little black dress fit my curves nicely and I hopped out of my cab and strutted to the door with the confidence only a pair of stiletto heels can give you.

I opened the door and room was buzzing with the conversations, clinking coffee cups and cutlery. There was a satisfying silence as my presence was noted at the door. It lasted for less than a second, but it was enough of a stroke to my ego that I confidently swayed to a booth. I picked a seat next to the one person that hadn’t looked up at me. I could see her long elegant fingers, dancing over the keyboard of her laptop.

The waitress came and I ordered a coffee while I decided on my meal.

The black haired woman wearing a suit skirt in the booth behind me was clearly a businesswoman who was probably spending the night at the motel across the street. I could smell her perfume, sweet and subtle with a hint of jasmine. I took a deep breath and savored it. There was something about her scent that made me crave for more. I was a slave to her scent.

If you want more, check out the story and audio book. It is also available in a collection.

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